Cocktail Dresses, when should I wear one and what are they?

Cocktail dresses are worn at a cocktail parties and generally characterized by its short length. The cocktail dress is also referred to as a “cocktail gown”. A cocktail dress can be worn at a number of events, including a semi-formal prom or any other formal occasion.  The most popular cocktail dress is the “little black dress”; however it does come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, colours and lengths.

When you have to choose a cocktail dress, you should acquaint yourself with the many lengths that the cocktail dress is available in. The length of your cocktail dress will depend on current trends, what is in your wardrobe and the event that you are attending.

The “tea length” cocktail dress ends around two inches above the ankle and there are other cocktail dresses that stop just above the knee. A “ballerina length” cocktail dress touches the ankle and is often associated with the evening gown, which makes it hard to tell the difference between the two.

The cocktail dress is available in a huge number of different colours and different materials. The most popular choices are silk, satin and chiffon. The type of material you choose generally sends a message. Satin and silks are the most popular choices.

Can you accessorize cocktail dresses in South Africa?

You can accessorize your cocktail dress with matching jewelry, purses or other accessories.
The shoes you select to wear with the cocktail dress should complement the dress. This is more important if you are wearing a shorter length cocktail dress as the shoes become the focal point.

The colour of the dress will depend on the season. Floral prints, light prints, sky blue, pale green and yellow, as well as other pastels look good during the summer season. Gray, crimson, black, dark brown and dark blue will all look good during the autumn and winter seasons.

When you are invited to an event it is always difficult to decide what to wear. You are concerned with either being overdressed or perhaps under-dressed. There are ways to decide what to wear based on how the invitation was sent or what the invitation says about how to dress.

If the invitation arrives in the mail, chances are the dress code is more formal than if the invitation had to arrive by email or a telephone call. The phrases “casual dress”, “semi-formal attire”, or “formal-wear required” will help you in choosing your cocktail dress for the event. If you are still unsure, you can always call to confirm what the dress attire for the event will be.

The type of event will also help you decide whether you should be dressed more formally or perhaps more casually. If you are attending a charity event, the chances are that more formal wear is a must. If you are attending a wedding or anniversary party, generally you will require a more formal sequined gown, which wouldn’t be appropriate for a cocktail party.

When It comes to choosing cocktail dresses
Choose a cocktail dress that flatters your size and shape. Do not try and squeeze yourself into a dress that is cut too low or too tight. Choosing the perfect cocktail dress that you are comfortable and confident in will ensure that your evening will be a success!

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